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    Karen Rodriguez

May 25, 2016

Karen Rodriguez

My name is Karen Rodriguez, and I’ve been a CNA for four years. I love taking care of my patients in Pomona, and plan on becoming an RN in the future. I’ve learned so much in this job – and the care that I provide has been a blessing. But, I’m just 22 years old, and I’m already feeling the pain and stress caused by having to take a second job when I can’t get a double shift.

I work in 2 different facilities, but had to stop working at the second job because of the stress of having so many patients to care for. Luckily, my primary job only has has me care for 8 patients – although I know that others in my job have to care for many more.

My day involves giving them showers or baths, and helping them stay active and make sure they eat.

If AB 2079 were to pass, I know that I would have more time to spend with my patients. I wouldn’t be as rushed when I care for them. If I had more time with them, I know that I could continue to encourage them to do so much more on their own.

Right now it’s a rush, rush, rush to keep going to the next patient.

Legislators need to know that they – or someone in their family – wouldn’t want to be treated that way. CNA’s need more time to spend with their patients – to have conversations and relationships while providing care.

They need to put themselves in those shoes and touch their hearts and pass AB 2079.


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