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    Graciela Pennington

May 25, 2016

Graciela Pennington

My name is Graciela Pennington, and I’m a CNA and Activities Assistant in South Los Angeles.

I love my residents with all my heart, and I love working in this field. Right now I have 15 residents in my care, and I work to keep them busy with word searches, puzzles in addition to all of the care I provide for them.

But, we all get overwhelmed. We all love our jobs but sometimes we have too many residents under our care – and we need more help.

I remember one time I was working in Imperial Valley, and I had a resident that was in transition. I remember trying to get to her, but I had residents I had to tend to. She would be calling my name and I couldn’t get there. There were just too many patients, and they had me working elsewhere. Later on someone came and told me that she passed away – that was rough on me.

If I could’ve done things quicker, I would’ve spent some more time with that resident. I could’ve just grabbed on to her hand and let her know that she would be okay. That’s the important part of the work that we do.

If AB 2079 were passed, CNA’s like me would have more time to spend with the people that we care for. And that’s important for them, too.